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Every website needs content, but not every website owner has the time or inclination to create that content. Private Label Rights (PLR) websites fill this need, providing web content for your website at a tiny fraction of the cost of hiring a web content writer.

Why not hire a web content writer?

Because they are expensive. The content writers that are not expensive are generally from non-English speaking countries, and the articles they generate are full of spelling, grammatical, and factual errors. If you hire a writer and end up with something you have to rewrite practically from scratch, your time and money are gone, and you still have very little content for your site.

Why not use an article directory?

Free articles are free because the articles are used on tens of thousands of websites. Duplicate content to that extreme is useless, being filtered out as spam. And, any article you use from a free directory has likely been read and reread thousands of times already. Not only that, but to use those freebies, you are required to keep the link back to the author's site. You don't get customers- he does. Your viewers click the back button after they see an article that is on every other website out there, and if they do stick around, they click to read more by that author and not on your ads or products.

The articles available on The PLR are fresh, original, and interesting to read. There are no recycled articles here, and no trash content full of errors to make your site look unreliable. And, new article packages are written regularly, making it easy to find new content when you need it.

What is your site about? Do you have a niche you need content for? You can email with category suggestions, or you can choose from what is available to build your site. Choose from several or all of the niche categories and build several different sites, all catering to different markets, or compile them into a larger site catering to many different demographics.

For the low package price, you can use any or all of these articles for your site or sites in any way you wish. You can put your own byline on them, establishing yourself as an expert in the field; you can change them slightly to create unique content, break them up to create even more pages of content, or anything else that will bring traffic to your website or blog or use them as your newsletter. The only things you can't do is sell the articles to others as PLR. You will have full rights to these articles to use on your site, blog, newsletter, etc., to bring in more traffic and page views, making you money and establishing yourself in your niche. Are you ready to make money online? All you need is the content.