PLR Packages

All of these packages are available for the price shown beneath each package. These are all quality, original articles available to you for any use other than resale. Use them on your website, your blog, your newsletters or make an ebook out of them. Want to see writing samples? See hundreds of them here. All of the PLR articles are between 400 and 500 words long. If a Buy Now button does not appear for any package, that package is not yet completed. To get rewrites of each PLR article, visit the rewrite page.

 Weight Loss PLR Package:

1. The Dangers of Being Overweight
2. How to Determine Whether You are Overweight
3. Do You Need Fat, Even While Dieting?
4. How Water Can Help Your Weight Loss
5. What Exactly are Calories?


Online Dating  Articles Package:

1. Is Online Dating Safe?
2. Who Uses Online Dating Sites
3. Why You Need a Paid Account for Online Dating
4. What are the Advantages of Online Dating?
5. First Date Ideas for Your Online Match


eBay Buying Articles Package:

1. Why Should I Sign Up For eBay?
2. How Do You Buy Items on eBay?
3. What is Available on eBay?
4. Protection Available for eBay Buyers
5. How to Register With eBay


Affiliate Marketing Articles Package:

1. What is Affiliate Marketing?
2. How to Find Affiliates
3. Why Affiliate Marketing is Popular
4. How Affiliate Programs Make You Money
5. Affiliate Programs and Passive Income


eBay Selling Articles Package:

1. How to Get Started Selling on eBay
2. Selling Clothing on eBay
3. How to Become an eBay PowerSeller
4. Starting an eBay Home Business
5. Selling Books on eBay


Home Business Articles Package:

1. How to Choose a Home Business
2. What You Need to Start a Home Business
3. The Most Popular Home Businesses
4. Service Businesses You Can Run From Home
5. How to Advertise a Home Business
6. The Benefits of Running a Home Business


Selling Ebooks Articles Package:

1. Where to Sell Ebooks
2. Do People Really Need Ebooks?
3. Where to Find Affiliates for Ebooks
4. Selling Rights to Ebooks
5. Why Selling Ebooks is Better than Print Books


PayPal Articles Package:

1. PayPal vs. Individual Credit Card Accounts
2. The Ease of PayPal Merchant Account Technology
3. How PayPal Protects Merchants and Customers
4. The PayPal Virtual Terminal


Work at Home PLR Articles Package:

1. Popular Work at Home Opportunities
2. How to Spot a Work at Home Scam
3. Why Everyone Wants to Work at Home
4. Why Working at Home is Profitable
5. How to Choose a Work at Home Job
6. Why More Mothers are Working at Home


Herbs Articles Package:

1. Herbs For General Health
2. Herbs That Cleanse the Body
3. Herbs That Aid in Weight Loss
4. Why You Don't Need a Prescription For Herbs
5. The History of Medicinal Herbs


Mortgage Articles Package:

1. How to Go After Foreclosure Properties
2. How to Qualify For a Mortgage
3. How a Mortgage Works
4. How to Avoid Defaulting on a Mortgage
5. The Types of Mortgages Available


Candles Articles Package:

1. Why Use Scented Candles?
2. What Are Candles Made Of?
3. Types of Candles
4. The History of Candles
5. Giving Candles as Gifts


Vitamins PLR Articles Package:

1. Vitamin C for Immunity and Weight Loss
2. Vitamin A: Full of Immune Boosting Power
3. Heart Healthy Vitamin E
4. Healthy Blood Cells With Vitamin B-12
5. Preventing Vitamin D Deficiency


MLM Business PLR Articles Package:

1. Why MLM Marketing is Not a Pyramid Scheme
2. Choosing the Perfect MLM Business For You
3. How a MLM Business Can Earn You Passive Income
4. The Two Most Effective MLM Sales Techniques
5. Why Get Started in an MLM Business?